The Real Asian Paranormal Society

The Real Asian Paranormal Society


Crew Members

Charls Amith(Para chaser)

 Born on 1987 in Bangalore,karnataka,india.

The Curiosity is the main thing in the common life of humans which effects highly n it never ends,this curiosity towards paranormal activities made me concentrate on researching paranormal activities.Being a part of TRAPS team my main purpose is the objective research of any case of unexplained phenomena thats not within the range of normal experience or current scientifically explainable phenomena.

Venu Kumar - Case Analyst
Venu Kumar - Case Analyst

Venu Kumar 

  Born in Bangalore  

Paranormal research is made to identify the unexplained phenomena. super natural power or negative energies which cannot be explained and proved.The things happening beyond science and belief.

Am interested in paranormal research to understand the ghost existence and there activities and wanted to prove it.

Srinivas - Investigator
Srinivas - Investigator


Born in Mandya

the word Ghost, Demons and Spirits as am very interested in these topic to know about paranormal and I heard a lot of Ghost stories from my ancestors.....I was searching for a team to know more about paranormal, in the mean while I got the TRAPS....Finally A GOOD TEAM

Praveen Neeravari

Born on 10th july 1987, in dharwad 

The reason for joining TRAPS was to explore life beyond the body, the unexplained that doesn't have reasonable theories, that took me forward to look into the subtlest energies that exists in the vast space. 

I didn't have religious belief, but truly accept the methods. my aim is to reach the highest potential of human evolution. 


Born in bangalore. basically am a marketing executive,am very interested in these paranormal.i have a lot of experiences in my native, from that time am studying n researching about ghosts, souls, etc... and i wanna be a professional in paranormal research....that's it.

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