The Real Asian Paranormal Society

The Real Asian Paranormal Society



TRAPS Official Logo
TRAPS Official Logo

Non profit organisation

Abbreviation                    :     TRAPS

Formation                        :     2010; 12 years ago

Founder                           :     Imran Pasha

Legal status                     :     Volunteer organisation

Focus                               :    Paranormal research

Headquarters                   :    Bangalore, Karnataka

Region                             :    All over India

Lead Investigator             :    Srinivas

Tech Manager                  :    Amith Charls

Tech Associate                :    Praveen

Location History              :   Lokesh Naik

Case Analyst                   :    Venu Kumar

Supportive investigator    :    Mokshit

Website                          :

Formerly called               :   Ghost Hunters

The Real Asian Paranormal Society (TRAPS) is an organization that investigates reported Paranormal activity. Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, TRAPS was founded in 2010 by ImranPasha. In 2015, the organization itself became the subject of Ghost Hunters, a popular weekly tv shows on the Btv channel. The show is shortly raising its fifth season on YouTube channel [Traps Ghost Hunters in the Karnataka, India.

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