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Varieties of Ghost

In different parts of the country,

 the belief of people in ghosts is also different. They even call them with different names. According to Indian Paranormal Society’s Gaurav Tiwari’s one article, he has mentioned about 25 different kinds of ghosts found in India

Bhoot: About which one hears normally and occasionally.

Pret: Those people who die due to family torture or those whose cremation has not been done properly.

Hadal: The harmless souls.

Chetkin: Witches who hypnotise people and kill them through accidents.

Mumie: Ghosts prevalent in certain Mumbai homes

Virikas: Souls hidden in dense forests and make weird noises.

Mohini: Souls deceived in love

Shakini: Women who die a few days after their wedding in an accident become Shakini. These are believed to be dangerous.

Dakini: Mixture of mohini and Shakini is Dakini.

Kutti Chetan: Child’s soul controlled by tantriks.

Brhamodoityas: Prevalent in Bengal, cursed souls of Brahmins.

Sankodhoktas: Prevalent in Bengal, head chopped souls of the people killed in train accident.

Nishi: Prevalent in Bengal, the guiding spirit in the dark.

Kolli Deva: Prevalent in Karnataka, souls wandering in forests with flashlight in hand.

Kallurti: Prevalent in Karnataka, modern souls

Kichchin: Prevalent in Bihar, lust-hungry soul

Pandubba: Prevalent in Bihar, the souls of dead people drowned in river

Chudail: Prevalent in northern India, souls hanging from banyan trees and killing passers

Bura Dangoria: Prevalent in Assam, spirit wearing white dress and turban riding a horse

Baak:Prevalent in Assam, spirits revolving around lakes

Khabees: Prevalent in Pakistan, Gulf countries and in Europe, souls related to the family of jinns

Ghoda Pak: Prevalent in Assam

Beera: Prevalent in Assam, souls that loses their family

Jokhini: Prevalentt in Assam, spirits that kill men

Puwali Bhoot: Souls that steal things from houses

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